Bathtub (series) - Rebecca Rusheen

"A photo exploration of water transparency" - Rebecca Rusheen

pool petals

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Cristopher Cichocki, Land Spore (Desert Reserve), (2011). 



Ola Rudnicka photographed by Manuela Pavesi for i-D Magazine, Spring 2014

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the night before thunderstorms are due


“Is it true you have no fear?
Take off your shoes then,
let your eyes go bare,
swim in their darkness as in a river

do not disguise
yourself in armour.”

Margaret Atwood, from “Cyclops”

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“If living
is really the greatest revenge
then I want you
to have my laughter.
And if we really do get what we give
then I give up,
so that I can
get up.”

Buddy Wakefield (via rarararambles)

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